Take Care Of Your Glasses With These 7 Expert Tips

Do you wear eyeglasses? If yes, then you must already be aware of the difficulty in maintaining and keeping them in good shape. One wrong move or one careless cleaning session could mean scratching your lenses, breaking the frames, or worse – losing your glasses entirely!

You don’t need to fear, though; with a few easy tips and procedures, you can keep those precious glasses protected for a very long time. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some effective ways for eyeglass care. Continue reading to learn more on how to best look after your priceless eyewear!

Eyeglass Care – What You Must Know?

Doctors advise that an individual who dons glasses must take some time out daily for eyeglass cleaning. Depending on one’s job requirements, hygiene habits and comfort level with blurred vision, it is recommended that the average glasses-wearer lightly clean their lenses daily and give their frames a thorough weekly scrubbing.

If your glasses go too long without a thorough cleaning, they become hotbeds for bacteria growth. This is especially concerning when you consider how close eyeglasses are to our most delicate areas: eyes and noses. In line with this thought process, a recent study proved that dangerous germs can proliferate on the nose pads and ear clips of eyeglasses––including those which lead to staph infections!

To maximize the longevity of your eyeglasses and learn proper eyeglass care, here are some simple yet effective tips to keep in mind:

Tip 1 – Regular Cleaning For Effective Eyeglass Care

Eyeglass cleaning should be a daily ritual for you, just like brushing your teeth. Regular cleaning must be done according to the steps given below:

Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned and dried touching the glasses.

Next, run the lenses under warm water to remove any debris or place them in a bowl with water if necessary.

Add one drop of dish soap or eyeglass lens cleaner onto each lens using two fingertips and rub gently into both sides of all parts – including nose pads and sides of spectacles.

Rinse off again with plenty of clean water before shaking out as much excess moisture as possible then polish up with a microfiber cloth for an immaculate finish.

Tip 2 – Invest In High-Quality Cases

Not only can a good hardshell case serve as a fashion statement, but it also safeguards your glasses from any forms of abuse – crushing, smudging, scratching or even dropping. A reliable protective casing is essential for proper eyeglass care.

If you’re tired of waking up to find your glasses missing or broken, then it’s time high-time to invest in a hard case. Keeping them secure will ensure that no accidents occur. Safeguard your specs and sleep peacefully knowing they won’t be harmed.

Hardshell cases are unwieldy and don’t fit comfortably in your pockets as soft covers do. If you have no other option, then go for the softer variety of pocket cases; at least that way, you have some protection.

Tip 3 – Never Leave Glasses In A Car

The scorching heat of summer has arrived, and while that means fun in the sun for us humans, it can be detrimental to items left lying around in your car. You don’t want to forget about those glasses either. Make sure you take them out of your vehicle before heading indoors, not doing so could lead to some costly consequences.

When exposed to high temperatures, your eyewear frames can become warped and potentially melt. This often causes the frame to expand wider, distorting its original shape. In addition, heat exposure has the potential to damage lenses too; they may warp or discolor which leads to reduced vision quality. Protect your glasses from hot conditions by avoiding leaving them in cars and other areas that are prone to extreme heat.

Tip 4 – Avoid Touching The Lens Too Much

Make sure to remove your glasses using both hands to prevent dropping them. Instead of gripping the rims around the lenses, hold onto the temples for a good grip and extra security. Never try to take them off with just one hand as this puts added strain on the lenses themselves which could result in breaking or damage. Also, invest in an eyeglass lens cleaner as mentioned in the first tip.

Tip 5 – Regularly Check For Damages

You must check your eyeglasses for any kind of wear and tear regularly. Doing so will enable you to distinguish between minor and major scratches. Most of the time you’ll find minor scratches on your glasses and nothing should be done as these are naturally occurring. However, if you find any major ones then repair the glasses at once. Pro tip – a major scratch will hinder you from seeing properly through the glasses, this is not the case with minor scratches.

Tip 6 – Use Microfiber Cloth For Glasses

When cleaning your spectacles, use a microfiber cloth. Not only do they clean without leaving any lint or dust residue behind, but they’re also officially endorsed by lens manufacturers as the trusted eyeglass cleaning option. Microfiber cloth for glasses is ideal because it prevents smearing your glasses, is lint-free, captures dirt and dust, and reduces bodily oils.

Tip 7 – Never Use Saliva For Eyeglass Cleaning

It may be appealing to use your saliva when you can’t seem to remove a smudge from your spectacles. However, this isn’t advisable since it just contaminates your lens with bacteria from inside your mouth that could potentially multiply and worsen the situation. Furthermore, practically speaking, it might lead to an even more irritating appearance instead of eliminating the problem.


Taking good care of your eyeglasses is essential for achieving optimal visual clarity. By following these 7 expert tips, you can effectively extend the life and maintain the condition of your specs. Incorporate regular cleaning with a microfiber cloth; safe storage away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures; timely checks to detect any signs of wear & tear; invest in quality cases instead of pockets and most importantly avoid saliva as a cleaner. Adopting effective eyeglass care practices ensures not just improved vision but also staying fashionable on the go!


Q. Mention some important eyeglass cleaning tips.

Make sure to clean your glasses every day to keep them in excellent shape. A good storage case should be purchased, as well as avoid excessive touching of the lenses. Microfiber cloths are required for cleaning glasses because they are excellent at removing dust particles from spectacles.

Q. Why must one never leave eyeglasses in the car?

Never, particularly in the heat, leave your glasses in the vehicle. Both the frame and the lens of the spectacles will suffer if you do this. While the lens can change color and impair vision, the frames can warp or possibly melt.

Q. What kind of cloth must be used for cleaning glasses?

You must clean your glasses with microfiber, which is highly advised. These are excellent for washing due to a variety of characteristics. These qualities include the absence of lint, the capacity to capture dirt and debris, and the reduction of bodily oils on spectacles.

Q. What kind of cases are the best for storing eyeglasses?

Having a good quality storage case is paramount for eyeglass care. For this purpose, hardshell cases are recommended. These cases effectively protect glasses from being crushed and scratched. Glasses remain intact even if you drop the case. In case you are unable to get a hardshell case then you must at least get a soft case for some minimum protection.

Q. Can I use saliva to clean my glasses?

One should never use saliva to clean eyeglasses as it ends up being counterproductive. It contaminates the lens with bacteria and ends up causing more nuisance by making the glasses dirtier.

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