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Color Contact Lens

Colour contact lenses are perfect for people who want to change the colour appearance of their eyes for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Our branded coloured contact lenses welcome a diversity of designs at a very economical price. They do a fabulous job accentuating the eyes and make the eyes appear bigger and brighter, we have a wide spectrum of colours, patterns, and brands for you to choose from. 2

Contact Lens Brands That We Trust

New Image Eyewear Optical Shop are authorized contact lens dealer for established branded contact lens including Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon, Air Optix, FreshKon, Freshlook, Bionics, Silkon and more... 


Get authentic branded contact lens Kuala Lumpur with New Image Eyewear Contact Lens. There are multiple types of contact lenses which include clear contact lens, toric contact lens, contact lens for astigmatism, color contact lens and multifocal contact lens. Besides, it is possible to buy contact lens according to your preferred wearing schedule that includes by daily disposable, by bi-weekly disposable and by monthly disposable

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See clearer without compromising your physical appearance. Grab your branded contact lens in Malaysia, widely used beyond the primary means of vision correction, it is used also for cosmetic or aesthetic, and therapeutic purposes.

Book a consultation with us and receive a contact lens assessment for free at New Image Eyewear Optical Shop Kuala Lumpur. You will find out which is right of you!

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