What is Dry Eye

We always been feel safe about our eye health until and unless we get our eyes checked. Many of us may think we can see everything clearly and further eye screening may not required! BUT, most of them will be surprised once their eye health results were revealed as there were many hidden abnormalities found from the test. And yes, dry eye disease might be one of them. Do you know what is the dry eye causes? By determining the cause of dry eye we can able to provide a suitable and effective solution to treat dry eye problem.

There are many dry eye causes could occur either due to one common issues or due to combination of few other problem too associated to dryness in the eye. The causes mostly occurs due to age-factor, changes in life-style, environmental factor, side effects from medications and many more. Anatomically, abnormalities found in the production or functioning of tears may also lead to dryness in the eye such as meibomian gland dysfunction.

Common dry eye causes

Age related factor- Aquous Tear Deficiencies changes when we are aging. Decreased in tear production due to lacrimal gland infection, changed in reflex secretion or inflammatory destruction mat cause dry eyes.

Due to lifestyle- Diet control, smoking, and dehydration.

Contact lens user-Dry eye causes to those who use contact lenses for extended and long hours without knowing the disposable period for that particular lenses and also to those who sleeps with contact lenses when it is not suggested by the eye care practitioners.

Environmental Factors-Windy, smoky area, low humid places, cold, dry weather and high altitude places. Some other indoor places such as air conditioning, force heating places.

Allergies- Those who have allergic to pollen, medications, fever, dust or animals.

Hormonal changes- Women’s Health Study and Physician’s Health noted that dry eye prevalence increases in women and men every five years after the age of 50, with greater prevalence in women compared to men. Menopause could also be related to dry eye.

What causes dry eyes

Heath condition- High glucose level patient, autoimmune disease such as Sjogren syndrome), and rheumatoid arthritis.

Medications-antihistamines, beta-blockers, antispasmodics, diuretics, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy, oral contraceptives, blood pressure medications. Accutane, chemotherapy and radiation are also associated with dry eye.

Improper blinking effect- Staring at screens for prolonged hours, improper eyelashes growth and eyelid closure, (Nocturnal lagophthalmos) incomplete blink and also increased in screen time

Eye Heatlh-Eye trauma (impact, injury or and burns), surgery related to laser, cataract removal

If you experience any of these problems as listed above or if you want to know what is the causes of dry eyes, do get your eye tested as soon as possible to avoid further complications in future. Do drop by to visit your best optometrist in town to find out more about your eye health now.

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