Optical Lens


Glasses Ready in 10 Mins

That’s right! We can get your spectacle ready in 10 minutes. Bid farewell to poor vision and see your surroundings clearly from now on with our high quality eyeglasses crafted at the accurate prescription level for you. Find the right prescription glasses for you and learn how each lens can assist your vision at this optical shop near you.


Ophthalmic Lens

Get quality optical lens Kuala Lumpur with New Image Eyewear Ophthalmic Lens. There are multiple types of ophthalmic lenses which include single vision lenses, multifocal lenses, progressive lenses, and light protection lenses.



Anti Blue Light Lens

The introduction of blue light filter lenses on glasses is essential to cancel blue light eission from digital screens. This feature is highly popular as excessive exposure to blue light is damaging to retina and can interfere with normal sleeping patterns. Get the perfect pair of spectacle with anti blue light optical lens in Kuala Lumpur at New Image Eyewear Optical Shop Kuala Lumpur



Determine the best optical lenses for your eyes. Schedule a free eye examination and get the best optical lens in Kuala Lumpur.


Our Optical Lenses Partner

We are authorized optical lens dealer for well known optical lens brand including Nikon, Essilor, Rodenstock, Carl Zeiss, HOYA, and Asahi-Lite

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